Eating Disorders Therapy London

My approach to the treatment of eating disorders has evolved from my years of academic study, professional development and direct experience with all the clients I've had the opportunity to help.

It is my understanding that if you've developed an eating disorder, then you probably believe that in order to be worthy of love and attention by family, friends and society, you need to be someone other than who you are...thinner, nicer, prettier, better! This involves relying on external sources to define what's acceptable and what is not.  If there are parts of your inner or outer self that you fear will be rejected, then you learn it's best to hide them or risk isolation. When we consistently deny ourselves what we really want and need and accept what we don't, we are left unsatisfied. Loss of core self-knowledge, trust and identity often results.

Eating disorders, whether anorexia, bulimia, compulsive or binge eating disorder, are expressions of the disconnect that happens between the inner and outer worlds and when how we appear takes precedence over who we are.

Through mainly talk therapy, together clients and I seek to identify and reclaim the self by making space for discovering how clients truly feel, sense and perceive their past and present experiences. When appropriate, other modes of therapeutic intervention  (journaling, expressive arts, psychodrama) may be used.

We explore both:
  1. the external issues - the food, weight and eating behaviors and preoccupations; and
  2. the internal issues - the underlying thought, emotions and sensations that are supporting or are being expressed through the eating problems.

It is essential to address how the two interact and what the external issues are revealing about the underlying self.  Therapy involves empowering clients to make positive shifts in all their relationships - to food, to others, to self.

My style is:
  • professional and casual
  • interactive and respectful
  • compassionate and challenging
I value the feedback I receive from my clients and I encourage regular discussions about their progress in therapy.
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