Eating Disorders Therapy London


Here are some links to help provide you with further information on the etiology, treatment and prevention of eating disorders.

  1. About-Face:
  2. Beating Eating Disorders:
  3. Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa Association ( BANA ), Windsor-based:
  4. Danielle's Place, Burlington-based:
  5. Eating Disorders Awareness Coalition, Kitchener-based:
  6. Hope's Garden, London's Eating Disorders Support and Resource Centre:
  7. Hopewell Eating Disorders Centre of Ottawa:
  8. National Eating Disorder Information Centre ( NEDIC ), Toronto-based:
  9. National Institute of Mental health:
  10. PsychologyCentral:
  11. Sheena's Place, Toronto-based:
  12. SomethingFishy:
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